Advantages of our CNC diamond tools?

We will summarize the advantages of our galvanic CNC diamond tools:

  • The profile is retained
    The profile of our diamond cutters is retained up to the end of the working life. This means you never have to touch up by hand. This saves a whole lot of time.
  • Higher speeds
    With our diamond cutters your CNC machine easily reaches speeds of 3 to even 5 meters a minute with a diameter of 60 mm. Just compare this with your current speeds.
  • Perfectly polished profile
    The quality of the polished profile is even higher than the quality of the surface.
  • Extra long life
    With a diameter of 60 millimeters you easily achieve a working life of 2 to 3 kilometers, with a diameter of 20 millimeters you may expect a working life of 1 kilometer. This is undoubtedly much longer than the life expectancy of your current tools.
  • Higher efficiency
    When we add up all the advantages of our CNC diamond tools, you achieve efficiency that is three to four times greater.

The right tools for any application

We offer you a total range of diamond tools for all possible CNC machines and for processing all conceivable materials: marble, Belgian bluestone, granite, artificial granite, quartz, Dekton, Lapitec, etc.

See our catalogues:

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More than just a supplier of CNC diamond tools?

Our service extends much further than the supply of the necessary diamond cutters and drills for CNC machines. We offer you all the necessary support to gain maximum efficiency from your CNC machines with the processing of natural stone, composites or other material types.

Only with the correct settings you get the very best out of the higher speeds and the refined finishing guaranteed by our diamond tools.

Analyzing, optimizing and demonstrating
We will visit you to carry out an analysis of the current working of your CNC machines.

We optimize the settings of your CNC machine before demonstrating the working of our diamond cutters and drills.

You can then see the phenomenal speeds that our tools achieve while sawing, milling drilling or polishing with your own eyes. Add up the profits in time, efficiency and money.

You don’t believe it? No problem. We will come along for a demonstration on your CNC machines free of any obligation.

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