More than just unique diamond saws

The full service offered by Wodiam goes much further than the supply of unique diamond saws that result in a much higher speed and a refined finish. We do everything to guarantee the perfect saw cut.

Accordingly, we like to be personally present when our diamond saws are brought into use for the first time.* We want to be absolutely certain that everything takes place to perfection.

  • Is sawing not happening fast enough?
  • Do corners and sides keep breaking off?
  • Is the natural stone or the composite cracking?
  • Is it not possible to keep your saw sharp?
  • Are there difficulties when sawing Dekton, Lapitec or hard ceramics?


We support masons or marble and granite businesses with specific advice for the optimization of their sawing process. We examine aspects such as the ideal water supply, the square position of the saw blade, etc.

The right saw cut

The right saw cut pays for itself over and over again. It is the basis for the efficient course of the further production process. Otherwise you lose a great deal of time and money on polishing.

The diamond saws we develop and produce ourselves only achieve excellent results in combination with a perfectly set sawing machine.

* Personal analysis and attendance during first bringing into use is a free service in the Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Denmark. For other countries we offer remote advice and support by means of videos and instructions by mail.

From the diamond purchase to diamond saw installation

Wodiam has the entire production chain in its own hands, from the purchase of the diamond up to and including the installation of the diamond saw. Everything is made in Europe with development by ourselves in Belgium.

This total approach offers a unique quality guarantee. It also gives us the flexibility to adapt the segments in line with specific needs.

See a photo album of the production process for our diamond saws here.

See photo album

The right diamond saw for each material

We develop tens of different diamond saws with specific segments for any possible use, each time suitable for any sawing machine. You can count on individual advice for the appropriate type. We visit you to offer the necessary product advice free of any obligation.

For which materials?

  • Granite and composite
  • Marble and Belgian bluestone
  • Lapitec, Dekton and hard ceramics
  • Concrete


Our range includes diamond saws with diameters from 250 to 3500 mm.


We supply diamond saws with bores of any possible diameter.


  • Wide
  • Short
  • Narrowed

Easily through materials such as Dekton and Lapitec

Wodiam developed a unique segment type especially for ultrahard materials such as Dekton and Lapitec.

Our diamond saws go through Dekton and Lapitec without problems at an unprecedented speed and with an extremely refined finish. See for yourself in the demonstration film below.

You don’t believe it?

No problem. We will come along for a demonstration on your sawing machines

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Fast additional ordering?

Once after analysis we know which diamond saws give the best results on your machines for the different materials, you can simply reorder online.

We have all types of diamond saws in stock so we deliver exceptionally quickly. In emergencies we even deliver within 24 hours.

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