For which applications do we supply diamond wires?

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of sawing with diamond you can rest assured that we offer you the right product advice. We have diamond wires of different thicknesses for all possible materials.

For multiwire applications we use a patented system to reduce the risk of breakages to less than one per cent.

We have diamond wires for the following applications:

  • Sawing large blocks natural stone
    Granite (with a diameter of 8.5 millimeters)
    Belgian bluestone and marble
  • Sawing concrete
    From a thickness of 40 centimeters sawing concrete becomes faster and more efficient with diamond wires.

We supply galvanic diamond wires. These guarantee constant sawing so the diamond polishes less quickly. This drastically reduces the risk of wire breakage during sawing.

Dry sawing is also perfectly possible.

Visit the Diamond Pauber website for more information.

Which diamond wire do you need?

During a site visit we analyze which sawing machines you work with, which material you have to saw, etc. We also give you advice about the appropriate diamond wire.

We then make calculations including how many diamond beads per meter are required for efficient and fast sawing.

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